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The Grand Falls Regional Potato Festival is challenging the restaurants in the area to a POUTINE Competition!

During the month of June, go taste the different poutines offered in the participating restaurants of the region.

The winning restaurant is determined by you, so to vote you must:

  • Visit a participating restaurant and eat the poutine designed fot the challenge.

  • Take a photo  and tag the Regional Potato Festival Facebook Page and hashtag #Poutinechallenge2022

Once your submission is submitted, you will have a chance to win a $25 gift card from one of the participating restaurant.

Participating Restaurants

  • Pizza Boy

  • McDonald's

  • Sandy's Place

  • Greco

  • KFC

  • Le Grand-Sault Ristaurante

  • Bert's Pizza

  • Bonichoix

  • Pinky's

  • Tobique Takeout

Let's have fun and eat some poutine!

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