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Let's Celebrate in 2022!

Despite the great progress our province has made regarding the Pandemic, the Grand Falls Regional Potato Festival organizing committee will not be hosting a festival in 2021.

However, we have two outstanding students who worked very hard to prepare fun activities that will meet the guidelines of Public Health.

The organizing committee wants the 60th edition to be unforgettable and we are working to that end.

Now for the explanations:

  •  The festival must be planned several months before the deadline, i.e., the last week of June. The only certainty with this pandemic is its unpredictability. Therefore, it was impossible to predict with confidence that the state of emergency would be lifted by the time of the festival.

  • It should be noted that our artists often come from outside, there are still travel restrictions.

  • Although there is a loosening of restrictions in place, we are still in the yellow phase “en route” to the green. So, there are still many restrictions in place regarding large gatherings that prevent our beloved festival from being held. It should be noted that we are a committee made up of a few volunteers. We do not have the manpower capacity to ensure adherence to the guidelines in place. The responsibilities and risks associated with organizing an event of this magnitude are simply always too high.

We therefore invite you to participate in the small activities / contests that will be published during the month of July and perhaps take a moment of reflection on this Canada Day.

Nonetheless, we hope to see you at the 60th edition which is planned for 2022!!

- The Festival Team -

Activities & Contest!

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